Guide to choosing the right wedding car

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Every aspect of your wedding day requires your undivided attention and planning for the minutest detail- and the wedding car is no exception. Prestige Carriages London, a luxury and vintage wedding car hire specialist based in London, provide a few pointers on choosing the right car for your big day…

Rolls-Royce Phantom & Imperial Viscount

Modern or Classic?

What theme are you going for? Do you want a ‘vintage’ 1930’s style Beauford or Viscount Landaulette or do you prefer the modern, luxury Rolls-Royce and Bentleys? This will probably be the hardest choice you have to make in regards to choosing a wedding car. The older classic cars are beautiful, have lots of character and will arouse a sense of nostalgia. But they won’t be as comfortable or have the modern amenities that you’d get in the latest Rolls-Royce Phantom such as air conditioning or a stereo. Also take into consideration how far you will be travelling in the car as most older vehicles will not be able to drive long distances or for long periods of time.


How much do you want to spend on your wedding transportation? Call around or request an online quote to get an idea of what vehicles are available within your budget. It might also be an idea to pay off the hire in instalments leading up to wedding so it’s a bit more manageable.


How many guests will be travelling with you? Usually it’s just the bride and the person giving her away in the wedding car, but you may have your bridesmaids with you too in which case you’ll need a bigger car. Or you may even consider hiring a separate car or limousine to transport your bridesmaids and important guests to the wedding venue.

Vehicle Colour

The traditional White is the most popular and widely-available colour for wedding vehicles although it is possible to find suppliers who offer alternatives such as red, black or even pink. Our advice is- stick to White and you can’t go wrong. Make sure to confirm the vehicle colour when making your reservation.


One of the most common problems we find in wedding car bookings is that nearly everyone tends to underestimate how long they would need the car for. Even with the best of planning, you are bound to be late so factor that in as well as traffic conditions on the day. You’d rather negotiate a good deal for an extra hour up front which you may not need rather then pay an arm and a leg on the day.

Finding the right supplier

This is just as important as choosing the wedding car. A bad company has the power to potentially ruin your big day (and of course years of saving and preparation leading up to it). When searching around for a supplier ask for recommendations from friends and family. Look at the company’s online customer reviews and testimonials. Look at their social media profile- since most companies are on Facebook, Twitter and/ or Instagram, check to see if they really have the car you’re looking for or even if they actually exist!

Terms & Conditions

Get a copy of the company’s terms and conditions and make sure you read the small print. You don’t want any nasty surprises on your wedding day. Some companies will charge extortionate fees if you happen to run a few minutes late so familiarise yourself with all their charges so you’re prepared.

Book Early

Once you’ve set the date for your big day, booked the venue and identified the right supplier, book your wedding car! It’s not unheard of to get bookings 18 months in advance especially during the busy season but 9-12 months is usually a safe bet. A small deposit of £50-£100 should secure the vehicle for you.

Ask for extras!

Ribbons should be included free of charge but always ask for more such as complimentary drinks or even personalised wedding number plates. If you don’t ask you don’t get 😉

Whatever you decide to do, remember that nowadays cars play a key role in every wedding and can really make your big day that much more special. Most people will only get the one chance so that’s why its so important that you get it right the first time.
Good luck 🙂

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